About the Mythbuster

This page was set up by me in response to the information I feel the voting public is not receiving. I will declare right up front that I am a life long Liberal. I worked on my first election in 1974 in the riding that was then Scarborough East, Martin O’Connell won and went on to represent the riding in Cabinet. Although I was only in my mid teens I worked putting up and then taking down signs.

Over the years I have worked and supported many campaigns. Alone the way I also spent over 20 years as a strong Trade Unionist who fought passionately for workers rights. My community roles have seen me filling some interestingly, diametrically opposing perspectives. I spent not only 6 years on the board of a Chamber of Commerce, but also served on the Executive Committee of a District Labour Council. Personally, I also chaired a Board of a Community Social Services Corporation.

Along my own career path, I owned, built and sold two successful businesses, so while I cared about my community and its less fortunate members I knew that government could only help them if it functioned well. Read the Financial Myth Bust if you wish to know why Liberals are truly the best stewards of the Canadian Economy.