Mr. Harper, it’s your turn.

I have, over the past number of weeks on this site, been critical of both Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Mulcair. It might seem to the casual reader that I actually had no issue with Mr. Harper. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. I did feel, that it did not make much sense for me to add my voice to the obvious, however, a few things have changed that have caused me to decide that a review of Mr. Harper’s tenure is in order.

In the months leading up to the election call, the pollsters were already warming up. I read an interesting article where the author had reviewed those people who “liked” the three major parties on Facebook and reviewed their other “likes” in order to get a picture of the party supporters. As a political junkie for over 43 years, I was very surprised at the information that this study showed. Firstly, the number one television show of Conservative supporters was Duck Dynasty and the number one movie was God is Not Dead. If I found this surprising, even more so was the poll from EKOS that showed that Conservative supporters had either a high school or college education, however, the University educated supported the NDP. (the Liberals had equal representation in all three categories) I had always imagined Conservative supporters to be older white men, professionals with successful companies or careers. Not anymore.

I suppose this really shouldn’t be a surprise to me, after all the supporters I had imagined, supported the Progressive Conservatives, Stephen Harper and his Conservative-Reform-Alliance Party are not the Conservative Party. Certainly not the PC’s of my youth, and as my pet peeve often gets expressed, not TORIES.

In actuality, I believe that Stephen Harper defies definition. He has certainly managed to convince a large number of voters into thinking he is “Conservative” however, his real agenda is religious based and not political. I have read a number of pieces purporting to explain his religious theocracy, however, a piece I read a few years ago in The Tyee explained many of the principles that actually motivate Stephen Harper. Andrew Nikiforuk captured perhaps better than any author I have ever read the motivation and agenda behind Stephen Harpers assault on Canadian democracy. This fall as we are mired in the longest election campaign in modern history, Mr. Nikiforuk penned another piece which not only continued his explanation of Mr. Harpers religious agenda, but referenced many of the events that have occurred since his original work in 2012.

I have referenced these two works first in this essay, because I feel they, better than any work I have read, go a long way to explain why a Prime Minister of Canada would act in a way that seems to defy logic, rational behaviour or common sense.

The Tyee is a very respected Canadian independent online newsmagazine based in British Columbia. In their relatively short life, they have provided a reasoned voice on many issues which confront Canada. They pride themselves on providing long form, fact based articles from some of the most talented writers in Canada. One of their most referenced works is their detailed collection of evidence of Stephen Harpers abuse of power and position. From the In and Out Scandal of 2006, to the lies and concealment of facts from Parliament this document lists 70 of Stephen Harpers abuses of power. Many of these go far beyond mere partisan politics, many border or cross the line into criminal activities. Since The Tyee, does such an excellent job of identifying these issues, I will not belabour the points here.

I will instead discuss further where these actions may have lead Canada as a country. Canada was once the envy of the world. I remember touring Europe and finding in small out of the way towns, Canadian flags, memorials or plaques recognizing the efforts and sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers. I remember growing up through school and learning of Prime Ministers such as Lester B. Pearson and his winning of the Nobel Prize for Peace for his creation of United Nations Peacekeepers or the pride that all of Canada could embrace when in 1986 “The People of Canada” became the first nation in the 60 year history of the Nansen Refugee Award Medal  to receive the award “in recognition of their essential and constant contribution to the cause of refugees within their country and around the world.”

There is an Internet commercial that has been making the rounds with much criticism attached that seems to question the country Canada has become under Stephen Harper. I will allow you to make your own decision regarding its content.

The list of where Canada has lost its reputation within the International community is long and disturbing. From our governments dishonesty to important trading partners to its rebuke at the United Nations. These  were the people that really know Stephen Harper for the megalomaniac he is. The men and women who obviously knew that his government was not equal to the task. Sadly, almost 40% of Canadians didn’t hear this message.

Will they this time?

We will soon know.


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