Wake up Canada, you’re being played for fools.

Well Stephen Harper and his trusty side kick Lyndon “The Lizard of Oz” Crosby, are managing to do it, and Canadians like the good little lemmings they are, will follow him right over the cliff.

The Niqab, it has to be the most ridiculous election issue this country has ever had and that’s just the way Stephen Harper likes it. Quebec, wake up, Harper is playing you for fools. You know this issue doesn’t really matter. Instead he is making you look like Canada’s answer to Mississippi. He is fitting out the entire province for white sheets and burning crosses and you won’t wake up to what he is doing.

We have a small handful of women in the entire country that this issue effects. Why are you being played to act as if this issue really matters to how our country moves forward? It doesn’t. Women who wish to wear the Niqab will continue to wear it. They will wear it when shopping, when driving, when teaching school, when voting, when walking on the street, in short everywhere except when swearing the Citizenship Oath. Does this really have any impact on your day to day life? Will it help your taxes? Whether you have a job to go to? If your health care is sound? No, nor anything else in your daily life.

Send Harper the message, you are not the fools that he thinks you are. Demand to talk about real issues. You claim this is about your love of Canadian traditions, yet you have no concern for real traditions such as honesty in government, integrity or Canada’s image in the world.

From The Huffington Post

From The Huffington Post

People get all upset over this issue. They claim they object to what the Niqab represents in the treatment of women. Yet Stephen Harper is selling $14 billion worth of military weapon systems to Saudi Arabia, the country with one of the worst Human Rights records in the world. A country where women are not even allowed to vote. A country where almost 75% of women MUST remain covered by order of their fathers and husbands. Do you object to this? No. So through your silence you approve it.

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